Online Writing Classes, Private Writing Guidance, Writing Retreats

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going,
find your way with words.

Beginning? Develop and receive what it takes to be a writer:

  • An eye for sensory detail
  • A regular routine that fits into your schedule
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Community

Blocked? Remember why you write:

  • Because you have a story.
  • Because you want to make a connection.
  • Because you can transform memory with creativity and craft.
  • Because you have something unsayable to say.
  • Because you must.

Writing Now

Elizabeth Ayres

Founder Elizabeth Ayres

Every time I sit down to write, I’m energizing the best and fullest part of my human capacities: thought, self-expression, imagination, creativity. I’m also acting from a loving impulse: the desire to share the best aspects of my humanity with others in such a way that their own capacities are enlarged…I am putting something good, beautiful, and true into the world every time I sit down to write.

– Elizabeth Ayres, Founder