The Writer’s Eye

You know you love to write, and you know you want to improve. You need both inspiration and to expand your repertoire of skills and techniques, to hone your powers of observation.


Become more attuned to the world around you and produce more evocative writing through The Writer's Eye, designed to guide you toward

  • Greater depth, because when you write from the place where you’re most yourself, you’re writing from the place where you’re connected with everyone else;
  • Greater command of language, because words are your medium and your message; and
  • Greater understanding of how memorable writing achieves its impact.

The Writer’s Eye offers all this and more. You will

  • Provide short responses to assigned readings, thereby developing your critical thinking skills (because good readers make better writers);
  • Craft stories, poems, or personal essays in response to a given week’s theme;
  • Develop your editing skills as you ask for targeted feedback on your work and provide feedback for your peers;
  • Apply weekly prompts to new or existing projects; and
  • Use the course structure to cultivate a regular writing practice that fits your life, even after class ends.

Developed by founder Elizabeth Ayres, The Writer’s Eye consists of five six-week segments you can take in any order, at any time. The complete course provides the perfect foundation for any committed practice in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry writing.

These online writing classes have taken me beyond what I ever imagined I could do. The writing prompts help me think differently, delve into questions and wonderings as never before. The Writer’s Eye is challenging and satisfying. – Lynn Wyvill

The Writer’s Eye online writing class has been the key to a door I didn’t even know existed.  – Zoe Fitzgerald

I had forgotten to really look at my surroundings. This online writing course helped me see the tiny details that make an experience special, out-of-the-ordinary. I’m delighted to find I can translate these observations into words that provoke a response in my readers. – Joy Galicinao

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