Writing a Small-Scale Memoir

What story or stories do your memories hold?


Do you write your story to better understand it? Is there something pressing to be told, something you want to develop and share with the wider world? 

Using the written word, you can gather up the pieces of your life and begin to weave them into whole cloth. Learn how in this course in deep remembering and artful transcription of your personal history.

In Writing a Small-Scale Memoir, you will:

  • Excavate seminal experiences through guided memory exercises
  • Create five stand-alone pieces of original writing about different aspects of your life
  • Identify themes in your memory narratives
  • Discover the narratives that reach the bedrock of your lived experience

This course is perfect for prose and nonfiction writers of all levels who seek expert guidance and uplifting feedback while encountering their lived experience and midwifing the stories it has to tell. Join Helena to delve into memory for the purpose of drafting stand-alone nonfiction passages and/or crafting the architecture for memoir narrative.

Note: Students and teacher use a conference call format to exchange feedback during this course.

Helena has taught me to go to the place where memory connects with imagination. That’s been a vital revelation, helping me continue writing with greater faith. – Nancy Obermueller

I never thought that the experiences of my own childhood could be springboards for my creative expression. It now makes total sense when people say, “Write what you know.” – Stella Pappas

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