Jennifer Steil

Jennifer Steil

Jennifer Steil is an award-winning author and journalist currently living in Uzbekistan. Her third book, the novel Exile Music, is forthcoming from Viking May 5, 2020. It explores the lives of Austrian Jewish musicians who seek refuge from the Nazis in Bolivia in 1938.

Her first book, The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, follows her tenure as editor of the Yemen Observer in Sana’a, where she navigated censorship, cultural divides, and ethical challenges. Her second book, the novel The Ambassador’s Wife, explores white savior complex and East-West conflicts. Currently, she is writing a novel about a community of Bolivian LGBTQ artists.

A bisexual writer who has lived in Arabia and South America for nearly a decade, she is interested in transcultural issues, freedom of expression, and human rights.

I believe everyone has a fascinating story, and all that’s needed to tell it is the right skill set. I want to empower aspiring writers by sharing with them all the tips, tricks and techniques I've employed successfully.

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Books by Jennifer Steil

Exile Music
The Ambassador's Wife
The Woman Who Fell from the Sky