Generative Writing Sessions


For writers who know where they're going and have a lot of ground to cover, a generative session provides structure and the fuel of regular feedback.

Generative writing sessions are designed to get you writing. Enjoy the benefits of weekly deadlines and regular, in-depth feedback from your teacher as you develop new or existing projects. Generative sessions follow the same format and schedule as our regular six-week courses, but without formal assignments. You will 

  • Submit weekly excerpts to your teacher, and receive whatever level of feedback you request;
  • Receive one-on-one guidance from a published, professional writer about any and all aspects of your project(s) and process;
  • Collaborate with your teacher to customize your experience to serve your goals;
  • Use our deadlines to help establish a regular writing practice that complements your unique schedule and lifestyle so that you will keep writing once the session ends.

Generative sessions are one-on-one; you are not required to submit feedback about classmates' work or read and respond to formal assignments, so you can stay immersed in your own narrative(s) under the expert guidance of a teacher committed to your progress.

A generative session is perfect for you if:

  • You want feedback from a professional writer, but are not ready to share your work with other students in a classroom setting;
  • You have an existing project you're excited about, and you need help keeping up your momentum;
  • You have taken all parts of a Center course and want to keep writing with the teacher who already knows you and your work.

For a free consultation and a link to register, contact us.