Private Writing Guidance

You have written. Where to go next?

Whether you want to polish or publish your writing, the Center offers expert, one-on-one guidance for the next stage of the process.


What kind of guide do you need?

First reader: Choose this option if you haven’t shared, or haven’t shared much of, a work-in-progress with anyone else yet, and you want a gentle but honest evaluation of what’s on the page already AND where you might take it next. Come with a draft, leave with a first impression and a plan for continuing.

Content editor: Choose this option if you’ve had readers already, or you’ve taken your piece through multiple drafts and need fresh eyes, and if you want a more detailed evaluation of only what’s on the page. Come with a second or third draft for feedback on voice, organization, flow, tone, transitions, and more, and leave with a solid body of work.

Manuscript midwife: Choose this option if you have a body of completed or near-completed work that you want to shape into a manuscript. Come with your best, revised pieces and an idea of how you want to put them all together, and leave with a cohesive manuscript and title/section title suggestions.

Copy editor: Choose this option if you have a completed or near-complete manuscript that you want to polish through a rigorous sweep for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency in tense and point of view, syntax, word choice, format, and more. Come with an almost-ready manuscript and leave with a shiny, professional text to ready for submission or self-publication.

Industry guide: Choose this option if your book is complete and you want a writer who knows the field to read your work and offer some recommendations on what and where to submit, writing a query letter, soliciting an agent, and more. Come with your finished work and leave with better insight on navigating the literary publishing world.


We can help you choose.

Whether you know immediately which option is right for you or you want us to help you decide, we invite you to email us with an introduction to you and your work, plus a writing sample of up to five pages. We will help you find the level of service and the writing guide that will most benefit your writing project, your schedule, and your budget.

Pricing: Because of the high level of customization, we do not price private writing guidance services with a flat rate. Once we become acquainted, we’ll collaborate on a service package that best meets your needs and budget. All private writing guidance service begins with a complimentary 30-minute consultation with your writing guide, during which you will collaborate to set goals and a schedule for exchanging work and feedback.