The Center blog is teeming with tips and inspiration for starting and maintaining your writing practice.

Remember and write about a great show, or showing off.
This month's tarot reading offers visual prompts for writing a flashback scene.
We wrote 52 new, wellness-themed writing prompts, one for every week of the year, to help you write well and be well.
In her 58th post, Helena marvels at her late summer garden and shares some of her students' publications.
They say lightning rarely strikes twice...but that doesn't mean it never does.
Read Shawna's review of a novel with a built-in writing prompt for you to try.
Teneice Durrant returns with another tarot reading and writing exercise to develop your narrative arc. August’s prompt concerns a story’s finale.
In her 57th post, Helena grapples first with this column’s deadline, then with a transformative experience of both grief and love.
What is the first story you remember reading that changed you?
For those interested in different ways to structure personal essays, try out segmentation with an exercise by Anne Panning.

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