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In her 53rd post, Helena shares another continuation of her favorite of her original works, Ruthie Pincus of Brooklyn.
Teneice Durrant returns with another tarot reading you can use as a visual writing prompt. This month, the focus is on developing a story antagonist.
Shawna Ayoub explores Lisa Kwong's memoir as an example of using chronology to organize a life story, and offers a three-step exercise you can apply to yours.
The light is returning in the Northern hemisphere. What do you hope returns with it?
In her 52nd post, Helena shares another chapter from her favorite of her original works, Ruthie Pincus of Brooklyn.
Teneice Durrant returns with tarot as visual prompts to develop your story's love interest.
Place becomes character when we cannot separate place from story—but how do we achieve that effect? Here are three points of focus.
What is the quality you admire most in others? What one trait or tendency do you appreciate so much when a loved one shows up for you?
Shawna Ayoub explores a retelling of a beloved classic and points out how retellings can provide structure and an end point from the start of writing.
Teneice Durrant, creator of Tarot with Ten, offers visual writing prompts to develop your protagonist.