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Teneice Durrant, creator of Tarot with Ten, will use various tarot and oracle decks to provide monthly readings for writers, with exercises on using imagery and intuition as prompts. March’s prompt is about developing a person v. self conflict.


The future Yume Kitasei imagined for us is one that mirrors our present when it comes to diversity.
Have you ever felt different? Ever been left out, or been swimming against the current, or felt like a fish out of water?
The tops of the chocolate pudding have developed a rubbery layer, as they will, when they cool. That rubbery layer is my favorite part...
Just in time for Valentine's Day, February's prompt is all about developing a love triangle.
What better way to celebrate Black voices than through books?
How do you love yourself? What is lovable about you?
When I write in my journal, every morning, with coffee, sometimes the writing heats up, feels like it’s about to deliver something...
Use the imagery and meaning of tarot to develop a person vs. person conflict in your story.
Three new approaches to getting back to the page.