Founder Elizabeth Ayres

“Every time I sit down to write, I’m energizing the best and fullest part of my human capacities: thought, self-expression, imagination, creativity. I’m also acting from a loving impulse: the desire to share the best aspects of my humanity with others in such a way that their own capacities are enlarged…I am putting something good, beautiful, and true into the world every time I sit down to write.” - Elizabeth Ayres

Founder Elizabeth AyresElizabeth Ayres founded the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing in 1990. In early 2017, she retired to join the Sacred Monastery of St. Nina in Union Bridge, Maryland. The Center for Creative Writing continues under the directorship of Stacia M. Fleegal.

A writer and charismatic workshop leader for over 40 years, Ayres once taught at New York University and the College of New Rochelle; at the New York Open Center and Ghost Ranch Conference Center; through Poets-in-the-Schools and Poets & Writers; and in libraries, senior centers and other public forums. She was hailed by New York magazine, the Voice of AmericaNew York Newsday, the Village Voice and The Woodstock Times for her groundbreaking teaching methods.


Books by Elizabeth Ayres


Writing the Wave      Home after Exile     Swimming the River of Stone     Azimuth of God     Mirror of Our Becoming


Audio Books by Elizabeth Ayres

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Creative Writing A-Z     Invitation to Wonder