Write & Release: Full moon ritual for writers July '22

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Teneice Durrant, creator of Tarot with Ten, will mark each full moon with a tarot reading, ritual for releasing creative blocks, and writing exercise. Writers, let go of obsessions.

Writers, what the July '22 full moon means for you

The full moon in July is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac. At their essence, Capricorns value a task completed correctly the first time, and while not overly romantic, they show their affection through providing for their loved ones.

On the flip side, there is a reason why Capricorns are represented by the devil in the tarot. There is a fine line between doing a job right and becoming obsessed with work to avoid processing feelings and confrontations. The first thing that came to mind for me when meditating on this full moon was the white whale. In the novel Moby Dick, Captain Ahab becomes so obsessed with capturing the elusive white whale that he risks his boat and the lives of his crew members chasing after it. In the end, his obsession cost him and his crew everything.

The message for this month is a clear one: release your white whale before it takes you down you, and all your relationships with you. 

A writing ritual for the July '22 full moon

How do we know if we have a white whale? A white whale can be anything, from residual animosity about your ex-mother-in-law that disrupts your day to the next goal at work that you think will prove your worth, to the novel you just can’t step away from because it never feels finished enough for you. 

You’ll know your white whale because of the way your body reacts, the way your stomach tightens, or your throat feels dry. There’s negative residual energy that works through you when you think about your obsessions.

The best way to find and work through them is through meditation. Practice deep breaths and releasing the weight from your body. There’s no shortcut to this release, only the slow, steady work of your breath as you identify your obsession and visualize a way of letting it go that works for you.

Tarot reading for writers

This month, I drew the Nine of Swords and the Magician.

The Nine of Swords indicates that there is a lot of inner turmoil happening. It can indicate bad dreams, sleepless nights, and being trapped by worry and rumination. Fear and anxiety stampede any attempts at logic. The Magician is the card of manifestation and success.

The Magician has all the necessary tools on the table. The Magician can conjure any desirable reality. There’s a feeling here of imposter syndrome, or believing you aren’t enough.

You are enough. There is enough. 

A writing prompt

In terms of a writing exercise, consider penning a short story or even just a scene in which you personify your “white whale” and, rather than taking it down, you let it go before it takes you down.

Whatever you visualized in the ritual above—seeing flowers rather than hearing passive aggressive words coming out of your ex-mother-in-law’s mouth when she speaks to you, for instance—give it the weight of your words on the page or screen. Write about what it feels like in your body to let go in this way and carry that feeling with you when your obsession knocks on your psychic door again.

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What did you think of Teneice's offering for this month? Will you try the exercise and see where your writing takes you? Share with us in the comments.

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