Write and Release: Full moon ritual for writers April '22

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Teneice Durrant, creator of Tarot with Ten, will mark each full moon with a tarot reading, ritual for releasing creative blocks, and writing exercise. Writers, bring your extremes into balance.

Pink Moon

This month's full moon is called the Pink Moon. While the moon won’t actually have a rose-colored glow, it can have us looking at things through rose-colored glasses because this full moon happens in the sign of Libra—the “I’m a lover, not a fighter” and “let’s all get along” sign.

Libra is also the sign of Justice, so let’s use the scales to release some habits or emotions that might be unbalancing us. 

A meditative exercise

Start by sitting quietly for a few moments to let your thoughts settle. As you relax, begin to take stock of each area of your life to see if there are any emotional or physical extremes. For example, are there tensions or issues at your job, with your family, with your partner, or within your community? Reflect on those challenges for a moment.

Next, take a piece of paper and a pencil and make two columns, one for extreme tension and the other for extreme joy. Take some time to reflect on these extremes.

If you have a purple candle, place it in front of you and light it, concentrating on the flicker of the flame. If you don't have purple, white or green will also work. As you watch the candle flame, imagine a set of scales. On the heavy side is the extreme tension you feel about a situation. Imagine that the heavy side is made up of several smaller blocks. Slowly remove each block until you see the scales balancing.

Release the situation's hold on your body, on your mind, and your spirit, and let the white light balance out your extreme feelings. This month, we are releasing the extreme situations that unbalance our lives. Work through each situation that has you feeling extremes, each time imagining that the situation is several small blocks that you can remove, and watch the scales balance.

Hold that feeling of pure white light in your heart and in your mind as you meditate on the candle. When you have worked through all of the tension-filled situations, releasing the weight of them, letting them balance out with the white light, you can blow out your candle if it has not already melted down. In your journal, write: I release the extreme situations that weigh on my heart, my body, and my mind.    

A tarot writing exercise

So I don't believe in coincidences, and I think it's telling that one of the cards that came up when I shuffled for this tarot writing prompt was the Justice card. This is a card of karma, fairness, equality, and balancing right and wrong. 

The other card we have is the Eight of Wands, and that means that this really is a sign of karma, if you believe in that, or things working out how they're meant to work out. The Eight of Wands is very rapid communication or movement or travel coming in, messages coming in, or message exchanges. When we pair that with the Justice card, the indication is that there will be a conversation about right and wrong, good and evil, in your story. What weighs on us when we try to decide what's right and what's wrong? We grow by being able to make those decisions and work through the consequences of our decisions.

So the two tarot cards today are the Eight of Wands and the Justice card. I hope that is a helpful writing prompt for you. I do have a new podcast called Tarot with Ten on anchor.fm, and a new YouTube channel. I am currently doing tarot prompts every day for the month of April for National Poetry Month, but you can use these prompts for anything from writing stories and reflecting or just taking the messages in for yourself to see if they resonate.

I hope you will join me between these full moon Write and Release posts: 

Podcast anchor.fm/tarotwithten

IG @TarotwithTen 

YouTube Tarot with Ten

What did you think of Teneice's offering for this month? Will you try the exercise and see where your writing takes you? Share with us in the comments.

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