Countdown to a new year and a new narrative

What will you write next? (text over image of blank laptop screen)
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We are 15 days away from a brand new year.

I think we are all hoping it will be a better year than the one to which we are bidding farewell.

With a new year comes the opportunity for a new narrative. Have you thought about it yet—what your 2021 might look, feel, sound, smell, or taste like? What will you do or say differently? How will your mindset change? And most importantly for a writer, how will you put it into words, sentences, paragraphs?

We want to help you tell a new story.

Of course, we are offering our nine regular online writing courses, plus our new-for-’21 Special Topics courses, at a discount for new and returning writers; and we would love for you to write with us in this way. But whether you do or not, we still want you to write, to craft a new narrative.

Starting December 17, we will begin the countdown to a new narrative with a series of 15 literary terms intended to help you explore the building blocks of a great story, no matter what genre or style you use to express yourself. We intend for the literary term definitions we provide to be jumping-off point for thinking about structure and technique.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to receive these terms, use them to begin thinking about the story you want to make in the new year, and if you like, join a conversation about storytelling and our writing lives. Feel free to share with us your favorite well-known examples of the defined term (i.e., if the term of the day is “protagonist,” share with us your favorite literary hero), or about the story or stories you intend to develop in 2021.

It is our hope that, at the end of 15 days, you will have the language to consider and discuss the elements that comprise a great story. Then it will be up to you to tell a new story the way only you can.

Let the countdown begin.


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