Special topics online writing courses

For writers who want to deepen their practice with a passionate expert.


Looking for something a little different?

Beginning in 2021, we will offer one course per six-week session that is outside of our nine regular offerings.

Each Center teacher has lovingly designed a course on a “special topic” that falls within her area of expertise, one she is uniquely and thoroughly qualified to teach. 

Registration, format, deadlines, and policies remain the same for Special Topics courses as for every other course. The only difference is that we will only offer Special Topics courses one session per year, on a rotating basis.

Special Topics courses are best suited for practicing writers working in any genre or style, unless otherwise noted. Each Special Topics session will be capped at six writers, so don't wait to register!


Special Topics 2021 offerings

January 12-Feb. 25 session: Writing after War with Shawna Ayoub. After war, what do we do with our memories? This class is designed for United States veterans who hope to process their experiences by telling their stories. Designed using the principles of trauma writing and led by a teacher experienced in guiding students living with trauma-related challenges, this course promises a positive and safe creative atmosphere.

March 2-April 15 session: Writing the Times with Teneice Durrant. Ekphrastic poetry and/or flash fiction in response to the images of current or monumental events. We will examine photojournalism, advertising, and other forms of visual art to create a written reflection of the visual documentation of society, culture, and politics, all within a respectful and judgment-free virtual classroom.

April 20-June 3 session: Writing Historical Fiction and Creative Nonfiction with Jennifer Steil. Learn about various forms of historical fiction and creative nonfiction, as well as a variety of research techniques. You will come away with a better understanding of source materials, structure, and content as well as many new pages of writing and a terrific reading list.

June 8-July 22 session: Writing in Short Forms with Stacia Fleegal. Explore prose poetry, flash essays, micro fiction, and more, as we learn to identify the heart or center of a piece of writing and trim away the excess. This is a course on self-editing as much as craft—because brevity is the soul of wit.

July 27-Sept. 9 session: Writing and Keeping a Journal with Helena Clare Pittman (more info coming)

Sept. 14-Oct. 28 session: TBA

Nov. 2-Dec. 16 session: TBA

*As with all Center courses, some of these offerings might have a part 2 or 3. Registration for continuation parts is separate and prices may vary slightly according to the level of customization by your teachers, though all returning students are eligible for a discount.*

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