Retreats for Writers in 2019

Even the deepest well can run dry.  Our individual and group creative writing retreats are special times when you can replenish and renew your creative wellsprings.

I can honestly say I produced some of my best work on this retreat for writers. It refreshed and invigorated me, cleansed me of the grime building up on my heart and soul. – Roseann Marulli

To free you from the burdens and distractions of everyday living, Center retreats for writers are held in settings of great natural beauty and tranquility, where the mysterious meeting of earth, sea and sky connects you to a larger creative presence.

Relaxed, you’ll listen attentively to your inner promptings while enjoying camaraderie with fellow writers.  You’ll return from your writer’s retreat with renewed fervor, ready to make space in your life for the creative work you love.

No matter where you are in your writing practice – beginning writer, blocked or just eager for more – you’ll get the instruction and support you need on these inspiring getaways, which offer in-class writing exercises and out-of-class writing prompts suitable for prose and poetry writing.