Writing the Wave

Embark on inspired rides for aspiring writers in a writing course unlike any other.


Writing the Wave is an organic approach to writing that will jump-start your creative process and free the writer inside you—even if you’re just starting or have been struggling for years. Working with both your creative and analytical mind through a series of imagination-boosting techniques, the course has helped thousands of aspiring writers get to the page and thrive there.

Writing the Wave is perfect for you if:

  • You have never written at all but would love to try;
  • You have tons of great ideas but don’t know what to do with them;
  • You know that you want to write but aren’t sure what you want to write;
  • You feel what you’re writing now could be more or better or different;
  • Your well has run dry and you’re just plain blocked.

Writing the Wave offers easy to follow, step-by-step writing exercises to break down the creative process into basic parts. With each new assignment, you will produce a new piece of writing and acquire a writing technique you will use again and again. By the end of the course, you will face the blank page with confidence and excitement rather than fear and doubt.

Created by Center Founder Elizabeth Ayres, Writing the Wave is our foundational course for anyone who wants to give writing a try, or who has tried but wants to accomplish more. 

Writing the Wave consists of four six-week parts you can take in any order, at any time.

  • Part One: Work with breakthrough concepts such as imaginative layering (the basic building block of all creative writing) and explore your unique voice with burgeoning confidence. 
  • Part Two:  Learn how to write more effectively using a unique cluster of left brain problem-solving skills to organize and structure your first drafts.
  • Part Three:  Apply revision techniques to make your writing more expressive and powerful.
  • Part Four:  Explore advanced techniques that make writing powerful and memorable.

When I started to write, I had a set notion about how I should do it. From this online writing course, I’ve learned new ways to approach my writing, new ways to think about it, and above all, I’ve learned, 'Just do it!' I love writing again!  – Leslie Farrell

It’s fun! It doesn’t matter if you’re a good writer or a lousy writer, if you can spell, if you use good grammar or fancy words — the writing skills you get help you develop ideas, see connections you’ve never seen before and find your own voice. They teach you to appreciate what’s special about you and your writing. This online writing program has given me a tremendous gift — the joy I had as a child simply writing. – Amy Rosenberg

The writing exercises I’ve learned in this online writing course have awakened my muse. It’s taught me not to fear the empty page. I can relax about my writing. Now I have this feeling that, wow! A story or poem or essay can just come out of nowhere and bite you! – Vanessa Melter

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