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Check out these two lovebirds. Of course, they are actually penguins, and perhaps this photo will inspire you to write about penguins...or perhaps you will be compelled to write about your beloved, your person, your Valentine...
There is no right or wrong method of composition, but to help you decide which one works best for you, here are three considerations—plus some insight from the greats.
You can better know who your character is by knowing who your character was. If your main character is you, you can come to a better understanding of where you are going if you understand where you have been.
To start, grow, and maintain a writing practice, you have to actually practice, and understand what practice means.
Facets of clear amber stone that flash. There is a dimension between the flashes. Julie called it the interstices. That’s where the story, with all its trauma and love that Julie bequeathed me, lives.
Today is the first day of a brand new year. When you think about where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go, what word comes to mind, writer?
Starting December 17 on social media, we will begin the countdown to a new narrative with a series of 15 literary terms intended to help you explore the building blocks of a great story.
We step onto firm ground when Marilyn gets to the thing that is waiting, underneath everything she says, the thing she can't forget. Right there, in the middle of the air, we're standing on something solid.
The centuries-old practice of placing candles in windows has served many purposes, from signaling to those seeking shelter or refuge that they are welcome to reminding us that we have what we need to survive the winter...
For new followers, long-time students, and anyone who wants to write, we offer these "gifts" for your writing practice, with our gratitude.