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In honor of Pride month, we encourage you to buy books by LGBTQIA authors from LGBTQIA-owned independent bookstores, starting with these five selections in various genres.
A drop of water can reflect something as vast as the ocean or the dawn sky. Write to show the tension of trying to contain something large.
Community is about showing up for ourselves and others so no one gives up.
This month's tarot reading for writers will help you build your story's rising action through visual writing prompts.

Shawna Ayoub moves "beyond the book review" in not only recommending great books by diverse writers, but highlighting a technique to apply to your own writing.

Consider the various places you've called home. What made them home? What do you need to nest and feel secure?
In her 54th post, Helena shares some fragments of nonfiction stories from her works-in-progress binder.
The creator of Tarot with Ten returns with another tarot reading as visual writing prompt, plus a writing exercise. April’s prompt concerns a story’s inciting incident.
The clear takeaway, the living arc of this book, is how a love of poetry and a commitment to a writing life, or any artistic life, can bind two people to one another.
Shawna Ayoub highlights the strength of character and intuition in Jennifer Givhan's new novel, and offers a writing exercise to help us achieve a similar effect in our own work.