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In her 48th post, Helena shares a chapter from her favorite of her original works, Ruthie Pincus of Brooklyn.
In her 47th post, Helena offers a short piece of writing by her adult son, an example of stream of consciousness-style writing, plus a call to try it yourself.
Helena offers some poetic “impressions” from her daily journaling practice, plus a requested and imagined end to the two-part monkey story from March and May.
Helena shares an original story about a boy who comes into his own through his relationship with a prize-winning but stubborn cow.
In her 44th post, Helena Clare Pittman tells the second part of her March story of adolescent rebellion.
When I was fourteen and life had taken its hormonal turn, pushing me out of the childhood home that I thought was permanent, I bought a monkey...
[I began] opening the images I carried with me to find the experience, the meaning, the feeling, the story...As I wrote them, they became...the story of my first-generation American family...
“Ticked Off!” captured my imagination. It felt like a title for a children’s book. I thought of a clock. Then the story opened to me...
In her 40th post, Helena shares another original children’s story—a counting story—and creative process behind both writing and illustrating it.
In her 39th post, Helena shares an original children’s story, and the writing exercise behind its inception.