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What to say at the end of a trying year?

This week, in lieu of advice or musings about the writing life, we are practicing gratitude.

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving this week in the U.S., so gratitude might have been “on the brain,” anyway. But the truth is, we at the Center are regularly astounded by the strength and positivity of our community. There is much to be thankful for, holiday or not.

This year, we launched a new website, converted from a five- to six-week course format, and migrated to a course hosting platform we had never used before (and now love). We took up the task of engaging more on social media and converting on-site writing retreats to virtual ones when COVID hit and isolation became a new normal. We worried about the world, the country, the next town over, from our various corners of the planet. Through it all, the kindness and compassion of our writers and community members gave us hope. Together, we have held space for communing and connecting.

Session after session, writers find or return to us to take our courses, share their excellent writing, and support their fellow students. Their commitment to their writing, and the writing of their classmates, is the foundation of our community.

We are so thankful for each and every one of them.

The Center is growing. Every day, we are welcoming into our community more and more people who want to write and build relationships with other writers. For them, for our long-time writers, and for anyone who wants to write, we offer the following “gifts”:

  • New? Enjoy the same discount that our returning students receive—$295 instead of $310 for any six-week course or generative session.
  • Returning? Enjoy double your regular discount—$280 instead of $295 for any six-week course or generative session.
  • Want to bring a friend? Contact us with both of your names, email addresses, and the course you want to take, and both of you will receive a PayPal invoice reflecting a 20% discount—$250 each instead of $310 for any six-week course or generative session.

The next session begins January 12. We hope you will write with us in the new year, and that these offers, good through 12/31/20, will help you to do so.

With sincere thanks and best wishes for your holidays and your writing,

Stacia, Shawna, Teneice, Helena, Jennifer, and Tawni


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