Dec 31 2014

Writing-related resolutions for 2015

Today’s post is a simple one in honor of the coming new year—some quick suggestions that might deepen your writing practice, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Start a new journal.
  2. Sign up for a writing course or group, or start your own. It can be as easy as sharing email addresses with other writers who want to give and receive feedback on each other’s work.
  3. Be a better observer of the world around you.
  4. Buy a subscription to a small press or a few literary magazines, or make a trip to the library, and seek out work by writers you’ve never heard of, about experiences that are different from some of your own.
  5. Back up your work on your computer more often.
  6. Try to attend local literary events.
  7. Write love letters to the most supportive people in your life.
  8. Dig out old drafts and experiment wildly with form, genre, line breaks, plot, anything. Don’t be afraid to unearth something solid from a piece of writing you’d written off.
  9. Make sure you have enough of your favorite pens, and if you can, stock up. Carry one with you.
  10. Write more today than yesterday.

Do you have a writing-related New Year’s resolution?


Comments on ... Writing-related resolutions for 2015

  1. Stacie:
    Great advice! Even before reading this I had started a new journal for the new year and signed up for “Writing to reclaim your sacred self.”
    And now I know why I’ve saved all my old journals and rough drafts: time to experiment!
    Thanks and Happy New Year,