All Center for Creative Writing teachers are also available for hire as private writing guides.


What is a private writing guide? A published, professional, and passionate writing teacher who works one on one with you to help you complete, edit, and polish a manuscript or existing body of writing, prepare submissions, navigate the industry, and deepen your understanding of your own creative process and writing practice.

Private writing guides are best suited for writers who:

  • Have some experience with writing and receiving feedback;
  • Have already generated some content that needs editing;
  • Have a larger project, narrative, or story arc in mind;
  • Are preparing writing samples for applications to graduate school, residencies, retreats, fellowships, jobs, and more;
  • Have taken an existing project as far as they can and need a new, informed perspective on issues of voice, point of view, character/plot development, organization, clarity, form, arc, etc.;
  • Need help structuring a writing practice, staying on task with a given project, developing reasonable goals, and so on (i.e., getting to the page and staying there!)

Sound familiar? Then a private writing guide through the Center could be exactly what you need. In the end, it’s your vision, your dream, your commitment; but won’t it feel good to know there’s someone in your corner who cares whether you succeed?

At the Center, we’ve been caring for 30 years.

We specifically designed private writing guidance for blocked writers who need customized, one-on-one help. Private guidance is priced to be competitive with industry standards for editing and consulting services but still affordable for the average writer, plus, you’ll find tremendous value in collaborating with your guide to set achievable goals, a reasonable schedule, and a format for exchanging work that is most convenient for you.

Email Director Stacia Fleegal to set up a free consultation to discuss your writing needs.