Mar 29 2013
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What Is Communication?

If you want to write, you want to communicate, yes?  But what does that really mean?

I invite you to consider the Latin root of our word “communicate,” which is “com” (with) plus “uni” (one).  The literal meaning of the word “communicate is “to be one with.”  The word “community” has the same root, and means the same thing:  “to be one with.”

So when you write, there is a “being one with” that happens, whether or not you’re aware of it.  Who is the “community” in the act of  “communication?”

When you write, you are “being one with” your Self.  You are discovering who, recovering what, you really are.  The fullness of that you within, wed fully to words on the page, powers all great literature.

When you write, you are “being one with” the world, that vast multitude which hungers for your wisdom, thirsts for your truth, yearns to sing the words of your song.  Isn’t your story theirs, after all?

And if you happen to be taking one of our online writing classes, you are also “being one with” other writers.  Their companionship will sustain you on your creative journey.  Their determination will inspire you to greater heights than you could ever reach on your own.  It’s the understanding you long for, the support you need. It’s “community” at its most authentic.