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Nov 23 2016

The Back Door Into Creativity

IN MEMORIAM Paul Schulkind 1955-2016. During the Great Depression, there were many “hobos” (today called “the homeless”) wandering across the country. They would often knock on the back door of a house to ask for food. One might say that it was there, rather than at the formal front door, that the ‘action’ happened, that truly meaningful interactions took place. The same can be true for your writing. Is what you want to write about…

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May 03 2013
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Discovering Point of View

In this excerpt from a letter to a student in her online class Writing for Children, Helena explains issues of voice and discovery that are applicable to adult fiction-writing as well as children’s writing. There is certainly a story to be discovered here, but remember, the point of view has to be the young people, not the adult’s view of the young people.  This is a shift slowly made in understanding and in actually experiencing…

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Jun 27 2012

Don’t Worry About It!

“Don’t worry about it,” I always tell my students.  Now, if I could only follow my own advice, but as a writing teacher, I’ve seen that we all do it. Sometimes, it stops us from writing. Sometimes, it just holds us up a bit. We worry about all sorts of things. For one thing, we often get the idea that we should be writing in a different style or genre or about other subjects than…

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