Writing Toward Balance
and Wholeness

An online writing class for any level of experience

Next session begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020

Are you a writer looking for balance—between yourself and the world around you, and between the role you play in your day-to-day life and your true self? Do you yearn for a guided practice, a starting point from which to center yourself in a world of ever-changing trends, how-to’s, and self-help hacks?

Do you believe that

  • energy flows all around us, to us and from us;
  • it is possible to direct and receive the energy flow through meditation, prayer, breath, and a writing practice; and
  • we make the world a better place when we express ourselves through authentic writing?

If you’re nodding yes right now, then you’ll find Writing Toward Balance and Wholeness to be the starting, or re-starting, point you’ve been seeking. Spend five weeks learning about the Divine Receptive and the Inspired Action, two states of being that center us in our Divine Wholeness. We will use guided meditation and breath work, readings, and written exercises to still the white noise around us and tap into the frequency of our hearts and souls.

You’ll find the content of this course to be compatible with, and nonjudgmental of, all religious and spiritual practices (or non-practice). We will explore not a theology, but a way of describing the seen and unseen forces that move around us and through us.

Join us on a journey toward divine wholeness through the sacred art of self-expression.

This course was developed by Teneice Durrant, with Stacia M. Fleegal.

Night for Weeks by Teneice Durrant

For writers from any background or level of experience, and from any (or no) spiritual background, who want to explore how the sacred art of self-expression, cultivate balance of their many selves, and work toward a sense of wholeness.

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The next Writing Toward Balance and Wholeness class starts Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020.

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Your Instructor

Teneice Durrant is the owner and managing editor of Argus House Press, Saudade, and Winged City Chapbooks, and the author of four chapbooks herself, most recently Night for Weeks (2014). She also teaches The Writer’s Eye and Poetry Writing through the Center. Teneice believes that personal experiences are universal, and writing to the truest self is how we connect to each other and the world around us.

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