Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self

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Are you a spiritual seeker? Do you enjoy journal writing, or writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry? Are you excited when your words reveal a hitherto unreachable aspect of your being? Do you believe:

  • all life is spiritual, we’re as likely to find glimpses of the divine in a blade of grass as in a chapel;
  • spirituality is a quest for the truth, creativity is an expression of truth;
  • the surest path to the divine — that ethereal, unnamable something that leaves us momentarily shrouded in awe — is through the sacred self?

If you’re whispering, “Yes!” right now, you’ll love the creative journey called Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self. Spend five weeks delving into a rich treasure-trove of inspirational material from various disciplines — science, art, literature, and music. Use the week’s thought-provoking writing prompt to discover…

  • The Spiritual Origins of Writing,
  • Writing as an Act of Love;
  • The Power of Myth & Language; and
  • Words That Reclaim Your Truth.

If the Divine is a flash of white light expressing all possible colors, then Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self is your prism — a chance to understand your own truth and express your special wavelength in the sacred spectrum.

This course was developed by Elizabeth Ayres and Tawni Waters.

beauty of the broken by tawni waterssiren song by tawni watersBook cover for The Long Ride Home by Tawni Waters

Tawni Waters on the Spiritual Origins of Writing

“Words are gifts. We live with the illusion of separation, trapped in our own minds. Yet language allows us to transmit our inner world outside ourselves, to reach through the gap of isolation to touch others. We’re the only animals that can do this: transcend our aloneness through an intricate set of symbols.” — Tawni Waters

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The next PART ONE Writing to Reclaim Your Sacred Self online class (5 weekly sessions) will be offered at a date TBD.

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tawni watersTawni Waters is an award-winning writer who also teaches Creative Writing at Estrella Mountain College. Her award-winning novel, Beauty of the Broken, was released by Simon and Schuster in September 2014; her poetry book, Siren Song, was released by Burlesque Press in 2014; her work has been published in multiple journals and magazines.

As a professional writer and teacher, Tawni finds it almost impossible to distinguish the spiritual from the creative...

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