What Makes Writing the Wave Unique?

Writing the Wave is an organic approach that allows you to become the writer you dream you can be — even if you’re just beginning or have been struggling for years!

This online writing course is unlike any other you’ve experienced.   It’s an integrated exploration of the imaginative process essential to any form of creative writing.  It makes creative self-expression through the written word possible for anyone.

The Stop 'n Go approach enables you to write effortlessly...

Specific instructions are given individually, one step at a time.  Each step is completed before moving on to the next one.  This “Stop ‘n Go” format guarantees successful completion of the writing exercise.  There’s no struggle or effort to create.

This step-by-step format is Writing the Wave’s genius.   It’s why students universally call Elizabeth Ayres’ writing exercises “magic.”  All instruction occurs when you need it most — between the stops and starts of the exercises, so you can concentrate fully on becoming a writer.

The friendly ambience makes you feel you have a hand to hold...

With most online writing classes, you’re on your own 24/7, with just a brief weekly interaction with your teacher.

With Writing the Wave, your workbook is your constant companion.  Elizabeth’s voice is present on every page, giving you a personal coach, a supportive guide.  She comforts, cajoles, encourages and explains every moment of your journey.  This friendly “I’m-with-you-every-step-of-the-way” style makes you feel safe from the very first page.

You learn skills, develop confidence, and change from an intimidated fledgling into an accomplished writer...

The Writing the Wave online writing course is revolutionary because it breaks the creative writing process down into basic elements.   Your experiences are carefully controlled to ensure maximum learning with minimum effort.

First, you’ll learn the basic building block of all creative writing ideas, “Imaginative Layering.”  “Layering” is rather like atom smashing, and it always guarantees an exciting explosion of creativity.

Once you master that skill, you’ll learn increasingly complex ways to use “layering” in any story, essay, poem, fiction or nonfiction book you want to create.

Writing the Wave's non-judgmental approach and playful writing exercises delight you and help you learn...

The novel writing exercises in this online writing course will charm you with their exuberant spontaneity.  Freed from crippling worry, you can relax, have fun — and achieve your long-cherished dream of writing that flows.

Writing the Wave is spiritual...

These online writing classes explain and explore the spiritual foundation of creative writing.  They empower you to dive deeper and ride higher than you ever dreamed possible.

Without ever being didactic or overbearing, Writing the Wave shows you how to align your own creative impulse with a divine Source.

Writing the Wave keeps your enthusiasm alive with one-of-a-kind hints, novel techniques and cut-to-the-chase explanations of complex concepts...

This is the only online writing course in the world where you will …

  • Practice “Wall-Work;”
  • Make a creative writing “map;”
  • Organize your creative writing symphonically;
  • Learn crucial concepts with cut-to-the-chase lessons;
  • Unlearn misconceptions about your writing.

Week after week, the easy flow of your own writing will mesmerize you.  You’ll learn writing skills using memorable writing techniques no other online writing classes can provide.

Writing the Wave is for everyone...

Exercises in this online writing program are specifically designed for beginning writers.  More advanced writers can use the writing exercises to jumpstart a stalled creative battery.  The techniques learned in the Writing the Wave work for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, play and screenwriting.

Writing the Wave is for anyone who….

  • has never written but would like to learn how to write;
  • has a ton of creative writing ideas but doesn’t know what to do with them;
  • feels what they’re writing now could be more or better or different;
  • wants to switch from technical to creative writing;
  • feels stuck in a stagnant writing practice.

Writing the Wave becomes a permanent reference book...

The free workbook you receive with your workshop registration will give you writing exercises and writing prompts that can be repeated over and over to achieve constantly changing results.  The book provides the structure — you provide the creative content.

Each of the 12 chapters ends with 3 to 6 “Suggestions for Further Writing.”  That’s over 48 writing prompts – enough to keep you busy for months — even years!

Class Schedule

Writing the Wave – next Part One class (5 weekly sessions) begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020, and costs $265. ($265 discount on the complete course – see registration page.)

Small classes fill quickly!

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