Writing the Wave Testimonials

What they’re saying…

When I started to write, I had a set notion about how I should do it. From this online writing course, I’ve learned new ways to approach my writing, new ways to think about it, and above all, I’ve learned, “Just do it!” I love writing again! – Leslie Farrell

I’ve received a sense of freedom from these online writing classes. I can write without worrying if I’m doing something right. I’m more open — free to express my thoughts and ideas, to explore them further and deeper. – Ruth Jackson

I would never have started to write had it not been for Elizabeth Ayres’ online writing program. The very first writing exercise gave me the plot for an entire novel. In less than four years I’ve completed 2 novels and 18 short stories, published in 4 literary quarterlies and won 2 Editor’s Choice awards — all because of Elizabeth’s innovative writing techniques. – Barbara Little Horse

The writing exercises in Elizabeth’s online writing classes have called up memories and experiences which seemed to appear out of nowhere but, in the end, had their own logic, their own beauty. This helped me because my blocks came from too much self-censorship, self-criticism, analysis, all that. I’ve learned how to be a writer by letting my creative forces loose. – Pascale Duclos

My life took a surprising turn when I started Elizabeth’s online writing course. I started writing for fun, but it soon turned into an all consuming passion. In the past year and a half I’ve completed two book-length collections of short stories, started a novel, and been granted a merit scholarship at a prestigious MFA program in creative writing. Elizabeth’s online writing classes are stimulating, nurturing, invigorating; in them I found what I needed to grow professionally. I’ll never be able to thank Elizabeth enough for the start she’s given me! – Natasha Sarkissian

It’s fun! It doesn’t matter if you’re a good writer or a lousy writer, if you can spell, if you use good grammar or fancy words — the writing skills you get help you develop ideas, see connections you’ve never seen before and find your own voice. They teach you to appreciate what’s special about you and your writing. This online writing program has given me a tremendous gift — the joy I had as a child simply writing. – Amy Rosenberg

The writing exercises I’ve learned in this online writing course have awakened my muse. It’s taught me not to fear the empty page. I can relax about my writing. Now I have this feeling that, “Wow! A story or poem or essay can just come out of nowhere and bite you!” – Vanessa Melter

Elizabeth’s Writing the Wave class just brings out the deep in me! – Cathy Toledo

Part coach, part magician, Elizabeth gets me writing in ways I can’t explain. The novel I’m working on now is a flower sprung from seeds planted in her class — and I’m writing the way I always dreamed I would. – Ann Markel