Frequently Asked Questions about Writing the Wave

Who would benefit from the Writing the Wave online writing classes?

They’re perfect for you if…

  • You’ve never written at all but would love to try;
  • You have tons of great ideas but don’t know what to do with them;
  • You feel what you’re writing now could be more or better or different;
  • You want to switch from technical to creative writing;
  • Your well has run dry and you’re just plain blocked.
Do I need to know what form I want to write in?

No.  The writing exercises and writing prompts will help you discover the form your creativity wants to take.  You are free to explore and experiment with various genres such as fiction writing, nonfiction writing, poetry writing, memoir writing — even screenplay writing.

What is the time commitment for the course?

If you can set aside 2 hours each week, you can become the writer you dream you can be.

On average, assignments take about 1 hour to complete.   You will also read and respond to the work of your classmates.  This usually takes another hour.

How many people are in a class?

Writing the Wave online writing classes are limited to 7 participants.

When does the class meet?

There are no required meeting times in this online writing course.  Assignments are submitted weekly at your convenience, anytime prior to the deadline of midnight EST on Sunday.

Do I need computer skills to participate in this online writing program?

No.  All you need is a basic familiarity with e-mail and the ability to download a PDF document.

Do I have to purchase anything?

No.  A free copy of Writing the Wave: Inspired Rides for Aspiring Writers is sent to you as a PDF download when you register.

What are assignments like?

Each week, you will receive a homework assignment by e-mail.  You will do a writing exercise from your free workbook, and answer questions designed by Elizabeth to help online writing course students evaluate their course progress.  You email your homework to the entire class anytime prior to midnight EST on Sunday.

How do I interact with my classmates and teacher?

Each week, you will create a brief response to the writing of your classmates, as they, in turn, will do for you.  These are due anytime prior to midnight EST on Tuesday.  All the comments, plus Elizabeth’s feedback, are compiled into one email – your virtual classroom! – which you receive on Wednesday or Thursday.

How is my writing critiqued?

We don’t critique in this online writing course.  Each participant encourages the creative efforts of others by focusing on the submission’s strengths.  Writing the Wave is about process, not product.  It helps you learn how to be a writer by creating a safe environment where you develop self-confidence while exploring your style and direction.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn to write by falling in love with your own words.

What do your graduates do once they finish the program?

The writing exercises in Writing the Wave can change beginners into pros.  Our “intimidated fledgling” writers have gone on to publish in the New York Times, receive an MFA merit scholarship, have a first play produced, place a first novel in an agent’s hands — and get nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

How is Writing the Wave organized?

The online writing course consists of 5-week segments you can take separately or combine into an on-going online writing program.  Everyone starts with the 5-week Part One.  Once you have completed that, you can “mix ‘n match” course segments to suit your needs and convenience.

What do you cover in each part of the online writing course?

Part One: work with breakthrough concepts such as imaginative layering (the basic building block of all creative writing).  You’ll develop self-confidence.  You’ll find your own voice and learn to get it onto the page.

Part Two:  learn how to write more effectively by using a unique cluster of left brain problem-solving skills to organize and structure your first drafts.

Part Three:  learn revision techniques to make your writing more expressive and powerful.

Part Four:  work with advanced techniques that drive literary works (e.g., ‘need’) to make your writing more powerful.

If I just take Part One, will I get what I need?

Yes.  Part One is a self-contained unit.  By the end of 5 weeks you’ll know how to write creatively with an ease you never thought possible.  But Writing the Wave is like potato chips – you’ll crave the whole bag!

How much does it cost?

Each Part of Writing the Wave, consisting of 5 weekly sessions, costs $265.

Ongoing students receive substantial discounts.

You can save $265 now and receive a free one-hour phone consult by signing up for all four Parts (20 weekly sessions) for $795. Get one course ‘part’ for free.

(You do not need to take the segments consecutively.  Once you register for the complete online writing program, you may take each Part whenever it’s convenient for you.)

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When's the next class?

Part One online writing classes start up continually throughout the year.  The next Part One class begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020.

Continuing classes – Part Two, etc — are scheduled back-to-back, with a 1-week break between each segment (except no classes in August or from mid-December to mid-January).

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How do I register?

You may register online by paying with your credit/debit card through PayPal.  No additional forms are needed.

You may also register offline by check using a printable form.

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