Writing the Wave:  Inspired Rides for Aspiring Writers

An online writing course for beginning & aspiring writers.

Next PART ONE class begins Feb. 25, 2020
Next PART TWO etc. begins Feb. 25, 2020

It’s way more than just another online writing class.  Writing the Wave is an organic approach that works for any form of creative writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry or screenplays) and any level.

Writing the Wave has helped thousands of beginning and aspiring writers. It’s perfect for you if…

  • You’ve never written at all but would love to try;
  • You have tons of great ideas but don’t know what to do with them;
  • You know that you want to write but aren’t sure what you want to write;
  • You feel what you’re writing now could be “more” or better or different;
  • Your well has run dry and you’re just plain blocked.

It’s easy when someone shows you how! The key is working with both your creative and analytical mind in a fun and engaging way, through a series of imagination-boosting techniques so effective you’ll find yourself writing effortlessly from the very first day.

The Writing the Wave online writing program uses easy to follow, step-by-step writing exercises to break down the creative process into basic parts.  With each new assignment you produce a piece of writing, learn a new concept, acquire a writing technique you will use for a lifetime.  By the end of the course, you’ll face the blank page with confidence.

So if you’ve been telling yourself you want to give writing a try… if you’ve tried, but want to accomplish more, you’ll love the simple, effective format of these online writing classes that take creative writing instruction to a whole new level.

What a difference it makes, to see that others struggle with the same doubts and insecurities I do. The sharing of the work makes me feel less alone, more supported — part of a small, caring writing community. – Donna Nelson

Class Schedule

Writing the Wave – next Part One class (5 weekly sessions) begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020, and costs $265. ($265 discount on the complete course – see registration page.)

Small classes fill quickly!

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Your Instructor

(Developed by Elizabeth Ayres, Writing the Wave is now being led by Tawni Waters.)

tawni watersTawni is an award-winning writer and poet who has taught fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry at Estrella Mountain College; multi-genre writing workshops for the Blueprint College Programs; an MFA writer’s retreat at Rosemont College; and writing workshops at the San Miguel Writer’s Conference and Burlesque Press Literary Festival.

In her years as a creative writer instructor, Tawni has found that everyone can write if given the proper tools and support.  She loves helping fledgling and aspiring writers discover their innate talent and find the confidence to express themselves through the written word.

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With each exercise in the Writing the Wave online writing course, I felt I was being led on a journey to a place inside I had an inkling existed, but saw little of each day. That place — imagination — is the wellspring of my writing. The amazingly effective writing exercises helped me learn how to write and explore this place in wonderful ways. – Michael McGarry