The Writer’s Eye Testimonials

What they’re saying…

Since the first assignment, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with this online writing class. I have to rein myself in or everything else will come to a standstill. I have no idea where it’s all leading, but this is the first time in ages I’ve felt so excited and happy about something. – Melissa Cook

I’ve been amazed at the depth of my writing.  These online writing classes have taken me beyond what I ever imagined I could do.  The writing prompts help me think differently, delve into questions and wonderings as never before. I liked Writing the Wave, but The Writer’s Eye is more challenging and more satisfying. – Lynn Wyvill

When I’ve written something good, I feel connected…to the world, to others. I’ve tapped into some common humanity that yearns for the stories that bind us together and at the same time free us to discover our own story. It’s the key to a door I didn’t even know existed … until I took this online writing program. – Zoe Fitzgerald

It’s been a surprising discovery. I had forgotten to really look at my surroundings.  This online writing course helped me see the tiny details that make an experience special, out-of-the-ordinary.  I’m delighted to find I can translate these observations into words that provoke a response in my readers. – Joy Galicinao

I’m developing writing skills.  Like a singer, I’m strengthening my voice capabilities.  I’m also becoming the note, the melody, the harmony, the emotion, the word, the lyrics, the breath.  I am the song and the singing.  I’m alive again! – Christine Gallant

I love the purposeful way in which we’re encouraged to view more than ‘what is.’ – Abby Charles