Find your ways with words!

Become a Centered Writer

Want to learn more about the Center and our inspiring, supportive online writing courses, but not quite ready to register? Ready to hit the road but not quite sure where you’re going yet?

We are here to help, with week-long introductory “workshops” for each of our courses!

Introducing The Centered Writer

Specifically designed for writers who want some guidance in charting their work and path before making a larger investment, these short sessions will connect you with a writing teacher, give you some insight into how we conduct our online courses, and provide a taste of our nurturing style of responding to your writing.

You’ll learn what sets the Center apart from other organizations offering writing classes:

  • A focus on the moment of creative inspiration, and how to cultivate creativity in our lives;
  • Reverence for the creative process;
  • And our philosophy of meeting every writer where they are in their own unique process.

A Centered Writer is ready to commit to a regular practice. Are you?


The Centered Writer week-long sessions will take place several times per year, TBA. The next session runs Tuesday, Sept. 3, to Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019, and costs $100.

Register by Sept. 1!

Here’s How it Works

  • You register for a one-week session and tell us a little about yourself, including the course or courses that have piqued your interest.
  • I use the info you provide to pair you with a Center teacher.
  • You and your teacher become acquainted by email, phone, or Skype, and your teacher provides a writing exercise.
  • You have three days to complete the exercise and submit it to your teacher, OR you can submit a piece of writing you’ve already completed and save the exercise for future inspiration.
  • Your teacher provides customized written or verbal feedback within three days, as well as guidance about next steps.

If you’re nervous about sharing your writing in a virtual classroom setting, unsure how you’d fit one of our five-week online courses into your busy schedule, or you just want to get a sense of how it all works, The Centered Writer sessions are perfect for you. They provide an opportunity to dip your toes into any course for a small investment, so you can immediately focus on your writing, not your fears or apprehensions, and receive an evaluation by a passionate, professional writing teacher who will help you create a plan for a more creative, word-filled life.

If you can commit to our one-week timeline, register now for Sept. 3, 2019, or email me with your questions.

I hope you’ll come write with us,

Stacia M. Fleegal, Director