Poetry Writing: Between the Lines

An online writing course for anyone who wants to write poetry

Next class begins Jan. 14, 2020

What’s the difference between poetry and prose? Other writers have to let the margins of the paper dictate where their lines begin and end. Poets are free to choose. But what a difference! Poets enjoy the same range of literary devices – imagery, metaphor, voice, allusion, tone – but they also get to use line breaks to shape and layer the meaning of their words.

Learn how in this online course that demystifies the poetry writing process. In five short weeks you will…

  • use step-by-step exercises to transform original prose into original verse;
  • wield poetic elements like syllables, rhythm, rhyme, stanzas and – of course! – line breaks to expand your poetic horizons;
  • read selected poems to discover how great poets from Shakespeare to Gwendolyn Brooks employ the rich treasury of poetic devices;
  • get supportive feedback from your instructor and classmates that will help you craft past, present and future poems…

all in a safe space where you can experiment and grow with an instructor who believes poetry is as much about taking risks and breaking rules as it is about following them. Developed by Elizabeth Ayres and Stacia Fleegal, Poetry Writing is now taught by Teneice Durrant and includes two continuation courses for those who want to go on to study different poetic forms.

If you want to write poetry, “get in line” for this class right away. It’s a refreshing and insightful approach to a centuries-old tradition that belongs to everyone. Including – and especially – you. One line at a time!

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Class Schedule

The next PART ONE Poetry Writing: Between the Lines online writing class begins Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, and costs $265.

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Your Instructor

Teneice Durrant is the owner and managing editor of Argus House Press, Saudade, and Winged City Chapbooks. Teneice became involved with Winged City as a series editor under her late mentor, Dr. Rane Arroyo. Teneice is an advocate for chapbooks of all genres, and is the author of four poetry chapbooks: Flame Above Flame (2006), The Goldilocks Complex (2009), Burden of Solace (2012), and Night for Weeks (2014). Teneice is a proud graduate of Spalding University’s MFA program, and The University of Toledo’s MA in English Literature program. She won the 2013 Kudzu Poetry Prize for her poem “Nectar.”

Teneice’s teaching philosophy is shaped by years of teaching under served communities. She endeavors to meet her students where they are, identify interests and passions, and cultivate a sense of confidence through personalized attention and gentle guidance. Teneice believes that personal experiences are universal, and writing to the truest self is how we connect to each other and the world around us.