Midwifing a Small-Scale Memoir

An online writing class for anyone who wants to delve into memory for the purpose of drafting stand-alone nonfiction passages and/or crafting the architecture for memoir narrative.

Next class begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020

What story or stories do your memories hold?

Midwifing a Small-Scale Memoir is a course in deep remembering and artful transcription of your personal history. Using the written word, you can gather up the pieces of your life and begin to weave them into whole cloth.

Do you write your story to better understand it? Is there something pressing to be told, something you want to develop and share with the wider world? Whatever your reason for investigating yourself through memoir, this course will support you. In five weeks, you will:

  • Excavate seminal experiences through guided memory exercises
  • Create five stand-alone pieces of original writing about different aspects of your life
  • Identify themes in your memory narratives
  • Discover the narratives that reach the bedrock of your lived experience

Designed and led by Helena Clare Pittman, Midwifing a Small-Scale Memoir is perfect for prose writers of all levels. Join us if you seek expert guidance and uplifting feedback while encountering your lived experience and delivering the stories it has to tell.

Class Schedule

The first segment of Midwifing a Small-Scale Memoir class (5 weekly sessions) begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020, and costs $265.

Small classes fill quickly!

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Your Instructor

Helena Clare PittmantHelena Clare Pittman leads this course on memoir through memory transcription. Helena is the bestselling author of A Grain of Rice, and the author/illustrator of 17 other books. Her work has appeared on the Smithsonian List and The New York Times Best Paperbacks List.

Helena has taught writing in the Graduate School of Education at  City University of New York, Queens College, and Children’s Book Illustration at The Parsons School of Design. Her young adult novel, Ruthie Pincus of Brooklyn, has just been published by Maple Hill Press.

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