Online Writing Classes

Imagine you’ve found them, the words you’ve been looking for. And that something that’s been buried inside you…it’s there on the page at last.

Center online writing classes give you what no other online writing workshops can:

  • Limited enrollment, to guarantee personal attention.
  • A supportive, non-critical atmosphere, to assure growth.
  • Inspired writing exercises, to put you “in the zone” instantly.
  • Expert instruction from an experienced teacher, to show you how to write your best.

Our online writing courses are small, intimate … and lots of fun.  The nurturing atmosphere means your creativity can flourish in safety, no matter how intimidated you may feel.

Want help deciding?

If you want help deciding which class is perfect for your needs, email Stacia Fleegal.

Center online writing classes give me opportunities I wouldn’t have on my own.  The deadlines help.  I feel a kindred spirit with my classmates, even though I’ve never met them.  I love the encouraging comments – I learn how to write from them, and I learn from reading my classmates’ writing as well.  Thank you. – Cheryl Davis

Writing Now

Our online writing courses are for you if…

  • You want to give creative writing a try…
  • You’ve tried but want to accomplish more…
  • You’ve accomplished something but are feeling uninspired…
  • You want to write fiction or nonfiction, poetry or screenplays…
  • You want to write a novel, a memoir, a children’s book, poetry — or something that doesn’t even have a name yet.

Become the writer you dream you can be with one of these online writing classes. Most people start with “Writing the Wave,” but you can ask Stacia if you’re not sure where to begin.

Writing the Wave
Inspired Rides for Aspiring Writers

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The Writer’s Eye
How To See with the Tip of Your Pen

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Writing For Children
Voice, Story & Structure

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Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self

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Fiction Writing: Tools of the Trade

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Poetry Writing: Between the Lines

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Writing through Trauma to Truth

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Midwifing a Small-Scale Memoir

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Blogging Your Voice, Crafting Your Niche

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It’s Never Too Late To Be a Writer