Jul 10 2015
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New poems by Elizabeth Ayres at Burlesque Press

Elizabeth Ayres

Elizabeth on the pier

Center founder Elizabeth Ayres is writing a new book of poetry called Azimuth of God: Poems of absence and presence. 

Five poems from this manuscript-in-progress are currently featured on Burlesque Press: “Not By Bread Alone,” “Syzygy,” “The Heronry,” “The Reef,” and “Doula.”

Here is an excerpt from “Not By Bread Alone”:

The old oak wakes in the night      to a whispering
wind. “There is something,” the murmuration begins, “something
in us that lives,” the susurration continues, “something in us that lives
beyond time and rain and sunlight.”

Burlesque Press is an online publication, a press, a blog, and host to the Hands On Literary Festival and Masquerade Ball in New Orleans. According to their website, the editors are interested in “writing that unbuttons, and in general, pushes the envelope, or the garters, as we say here. Is it irreverent? That’s not only ok with us, we like that even more. And remember: Burlesque: A work that ridicules a topic by treating something exalted as if it were trivial or vice-versa. See also parody and travesty.”

Congratulations to Elizabeth on the publication of these poems, and the more to come in Azimuth of God.