May 01 2018
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Letter from the director: May 2018

Dear writers,

May Day, mayday! If your writing is in distress at this start of May, let me remind you: just like a late winter storm, this too shall pass.

In the creative world, we talk a lot about blocks. I’ve said before and will continue to say that I don’t believe in writer’s block. There are too many tried and true techniques to steer around blocks or banish blocks entirely, too many tips for writing through our own resistance. Pick a few and try them!

But maybe you’ll say, My problem isn’t writer’s block, it’s not having enough time!┬áChances are, it’s not a time problem you’re having, either…

If this missive is starting to sound a little tough-love, then let me get to my point, which is that the challenges you’re facing might be mental. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, only that you might have more control over them than you previously imagined.

Good news, right?

Maybe your challenge is confidence. Maybe it’s misdirected or diluted energy. Maybe it’s a lack of inspiration. All of those are problems resolved in your own head space, but can also be helped by building a community around your writing.

Might I suggest the community here at the Center, where we understand not only what it takes to be a writer, but what most often challenges writers and keeps them from getting to the page or screen? Sign up for a course, or just send me an email and tell me about your writing goals.

Take the first step toward taking control of your creative process, and all those blocks and doubts? They too shall pass.

I look forward to hearing from you, and happy writing,

Stacia M. Fleegal, Director