Mar 01 2019
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Letter from the director, March 2019


Talk to me about the night sky, about late winter under stars speeding (hopefully) toward spring in the northern hemisphere, about the pending return of more light than dark, about the various points of light in this image, both natural and artificial. Who is this person? A stargazer? Explorer? Someone on the run? Is this person coming or going? Is this our world, or another–where are we? What do the stars, the winter trees, the persistent snow and ice, mean to you on the first of March?

What do you think about when you look at this image? Write about it.

Monthly photo prompt writing contest for email list subscribers!

If you aren’t currently enrolled in a Center course (or even if you are!) but want to write with us, we host a community-building photo prompt writing project through our email list.

Every first of the month, my letter from the director will be the presentation of a photo. Using this photo as a prompt, our subscribers are invited to participate in our in-list writing challenge to see who can create a strong, detailed, feature-worthy response in under 500 words. (Subscribing gets you a FREE download of One Year of Weekly Writing Prompts, our Sunday emails brimming with tips and inspiration for writers, the occasional exclusive discount or package deal on Center offerings, AND access to this friendly-fun “contest,” so what are you waiting for?)

Once you’re subscribed, get writing! Copy and paste your response to the photo prompt into an email and send it (subject line “[Month] photo prompt submission”) before noon on the last day of each month. The winning submission will be featured in the first Sunday email of the incoming month, published along with a new photo prompt.

Remember, only email list subscribers can participate and will see each month’s selection, so sign up if you want to join us!

Happy writing,

Stacia M. Fleegal, Director