May 30 2017
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Letter from the director, June 2017

Greetings, writers,

I’m actually writing this letter on May 30, the first day of a new session of courses here at the Center. Our teachers and students are gearing up to spend the next five weeks reading, reflecting, and of course writing. I am fielding inquiries, organizing course materials, updating the website, and getting to know my own students.

The first day of school has always made me feel giddy. I always looked forward to buying new supplies, opening a blank notebook and breathing in the possibilities that lay within. I have the same feeling as a teacher–and fortunately, we at the Center have a half dozen “first days of school” each year.


What excites me the most, though, is helping aspiring writers commit to exploring the urge to write. Encouraging them to carve time into their busy lives. Watching them find their voices. Sharing with them writing that inspires and gives them a framework for creating fresh and interesting narratives. Being surprised by the connections they make, delighted by their revisions, and awed by the support they show one another. Session after session, that’s what we do here.

If you missed registering for this round of courses, the next session begins July 18 and concludes August 24. I hope to see you there, with a brand new notebook.


Stacia M. Fleegal