Jul 02 2017
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Letter from the director, July 2017

Dear writers,

It’s Fourth of July weekend and all I can think about is fireworks–how to light up the sky with words.

Like you, I write. I have several projects in progress at the moment, and probably also like you, I sometimes struggle to get to the page. Life gets busy, and between our various obligations, sitting down to write (especially when the weather is gorgeous!) can pose a challenge. To myself and to all of you, I say: no one is going to make the time for you to write except you.

Of course, taking an online course through the Center can help. The next session begins July 18!

The issue of making time, creating and maintaining a writing routine, and pushing past blocks is probably the one I talk about most with aspiring and established writers alike. Look for more blog posts on this topic in the near future, because I think the development of a routine is not only the most crucial element of a living a writing life, but also happens to be one of the best benefits of structured online writing courses. Practice makes better, after all. Practice makes a habit. When you’re making that habit within the context of your own unique life and schedule, it will serve you far beyond the last day of any class.

For now, I hope you all have a great Fourth, and may the sky above and the sky of the page/screen light up for you in ways that awe and inspire.


Stacia M. Fleegal