Aug 01 2017
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Letter from the director, August 2017

Dear writers,

How is it August already?

The last session of the Center’s online writing courses before a late summer break is in full swing, but here I am, thinking about the harvest. I remember that in pagan culture, the first of August is the first of three harvest-oriented celebrations.

To harvest is to work, to bring forth the proverbial fruits (and vegetables!) of one’s labor. In the context of writing, a harvest might be a completed book, chapter, story, poem, or even one magnificent line. To harvest is to gather.

What are you gathering through your writing practice? What are you laboring for?

In The Writer’s Eye, my students grapple with the question “why do I write?” Well, some grapple. Some have no trouble whatsoever articulating their reasons: I write because I must. I write because I will go crazy if I don’t! I write because it’s the only thing I think I’m really good at. I write because it’s easier for me than speaking. Often, students will read each other’s responses to this question and exclaim, me too! There are many reasons for making words our lives, or making our lives from words.

May your harvest be abundant.

Stacia M. Fleegal