Dec 26 2016
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Creativity Is A Way Of Life

Creativity is a way of life. It is deep within whatever it is that makes you who you are. It is an automatic process that can be monitored at random; and it is omnipresent and functions continuously. Every moment of every day stimulates the creative process whether those moments are exhilarating or mundane. Peaks of excitement in a lifetime should not have any different effect on creative activity than the lowest doldrums that you reach. It is a continuous flow that will function with or without control, with or without being tapped, with or without any physical manifestations.

The highest achievement of creativity, life itself, must be savored and tasted fully before the utilization of personal creativity will ever surface. Spin around in a circle. Look at all horizons. See everything there is to see in life and creative happenings will flow from your zest for being alive. Being ‘up’ all the time is by no means a prerequisite for exercising your creative abilities. Problems are often solved through creative discontent. Some of your creative peaks will be reached when your psyche is deepest in the abyss of despair. Don’t be afraid of recognizing this. Let the ideas flow, even though you know they are ‘down’, even though they express some misery that you’d sooner forget. Creative exploitation of despair can be a catharsis. It can give you new dimensions of the bad times you experience. The psychiatrist’s couch is one forum for venting miseries and hostilities. Creative activity can be another — cheaper by far, and just as therapeutic. Don’t be a conservationist when it comes to exploiting all of life’s experiences. Use every opportunity to express yourself through the creative process. Like nuclear fusion, the burning of creative ideas will create more fuel. The process does not erode the source, it stimulates it.

Creativity in any medium is multiplicative. It is the proverbial magic pitcher. The more you draw from it, the more there is to pour. But if you hesitate to pour out of self consciousness, shyness, fear of failure or ridicule, the pitcher may well run dry. But before it dries, it curdles and sours. Your creative mind is no different. If you fail to exploit it, it will curdle with fear and anxiety, and sour with complacency and frustration before it dries up and murders your personality.

Guest Blogger Fred Ruark is writing a historical novel set in 17th century Ireland.  Active in theater with the Newtowne Players of Southern Maryland, Fred also creates through music, especially folk and Celtic.

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