Writing to Reclaim Your Sacred Self long weekend intensive writing retreat

A southwestern city that reveres art and a natural mountain setting that inspires it will fill you with creative energy as you explore your sacred self in writing.


Are you a spiritual seeker? Do you enjoy journal writing, or writing fiction, nonfiction, or poetry? Are you excited when your written words reveal a previously unreachable aspect of your being? Do you believe:

  • all life is spiritual, we’re as likely to find glimpses of the Divine in a blade of grass as in a chapel;
  • spirituality is a quest for the truth, and creativity is an expression of truth;
  • the surest path to the Divine — that ethereal, unnamable something that leaves us momentarily shrouded in awe — is through the sacred self?

If you’re whispering, “Yes!” right now, you’ll love the creative journey of Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self. 

With an emphasis on process not product, this retreat has been crafted for writers of all experience levels. Even if you have taken the online version of this course, you will encounter new material at this retreat while enjoying the nurturing, inspirational classroom atmosphere you already know, now in a face-to-face community.

Registration for this long weekend includes:

  • Rigorous and soul-expanding instructional workshops;
  • Ample private time to complete writing assignments and explore the city;
  • Q&A discussions plus feedback on your writing;
  • A personal consultation with your teacher yielding supportive feedback;
  • A deluxe bedroom with queen bed and private bath in a beautiful southwestern city
  • Breakfast provided all three days and lunch provided Friday and Saturday (registrants are responsible for their dinners, and the B&B is within walking distance of dozens of fine restaurants!)
  • Morning yoga sessions in the common room for anyone who is interested!

If the Divine is a flash of white light expressing all possible colors, then Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self is your prism — a chance to understand your own truth and express your special wavelength in the sacred spectrum. Come discover your prism with Tawni Waters for a creative writing experience that will sustain your practice long after the retreat ends.

**NOTE: To ensure personal attention tailored to your needs, as well as a private room for all attendees, enrollment is limited to 7 participants. Due to the close personal nature and atmosphere of this long weekend intensive writing retreat, we are at present offering it only to people who identify as women.*

Begins with check-in starting 4:00 PM Thursday
Ends with 11 AM check-out Sunday

Tawni put a schedule together that gave both ample time for writing and also time for exploring Albuquerque. Each day’s writing exercises were planned with great care. I came home with some great material and a more focused outlook on my next steps. I felt taken care of in body, mind, and spirit. –Lori Corry, May 2019

As a busy professional, this retreat was an excellent opportunity to focus on self and writing. Tawni’s lessons were very inspiring and provided a safe haven for creative expression. The combination of the restful location and incredible instructor created a relaxing weekend of writing and spiritual awakening. –Annette Stewart, May 2019

Want to know more about course policies and procedures before you register? Read our FAQ