Writing exchanges

Join a collective to share writing and feedback in a self-guided, supportive atmosphere.

You wrote something, but it’s…well, it’s not quite finished.

It might be a story or a poem, or a chapter of a longer work you have yet to envision fully. It might be the start of a memoir, or several pieces of nonfiction that could stand alone as personal essays. Or maybe it’s…well, you aren’t quite sure WHAT it is.

What you need, writer, is another set of eyes, a good reader, a different perspective.

We designed Center writing exchanges to provide both a structure and virtual space for writers to connect with one another on a biweekly basis to share writing and feedback. 

Writing exchanges are an affordable, accessible way to build community and strengthen not only your writing skills, but specific writing projects and pieces. You will:

  • Introduce yourself to your writing collective, a group of two to five writers who, like you, seek to receive and offer feedback on original writing;
  • Submit biweekly excerpts to your collective, and biweekly feedback on their work, over the course of a six-week session (total of three submissions and three rounds of feedback);
  • Receive guidance from a Center teacher who will moderate the exchange;
  • Choose between two registration options at two different price points: Community access only for $85, or Teacher feedback plus community access (i.e. all the perks of the community access only option plus feedback by a teacher on up to 2,500 words at the end of the session) for $125

A writing exchange is perfect for you if

  • You seek supportive feedback on your writing;
  •  You are willing to provide supportive feedback to your peers (because they will do the same for you);
  • You have previously generated content or drafts to bring to the exchange (because this is not a course in which you will generate new content in response to assignments);
  • You are self-motivated and able to commit to our six-week structure and deadlines (because a successful exchange depends upon the dedication of all participants);
  • You want to build community around your writing practice.

All exchanges take place on Wet Ink, our online course platform. By registering, you will receive lifetime access to our writing community, as well as a free download of all content (drafts, feedback, and conversations) from your exchange session upon its completion.

Don’t sit on those drafts—exchange them, discuss them, revise them, and make them the best they can be through a Center writing exchange.


Want to know more about course policies and procedures before you register? Read our FAQ

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