VIRTUAL Writing to Reclaim Your Sacred Self retreat

Join a group of dedicated aspiring writers and an award-winning teacher to channel creative energy into written words, from the comfort of home.


Are you a spiritual seeker? Do you enjoy journal writing, or writing fiction, nonfiction, or poetry? Are you excited when your written words reveal a previously unreachable aspect of your being? Do you believe:

  • all life is spiritual, we’re as likely to find glimpses of the Divine in a blade of grass as in a chapel;
  • spirituality is a quest for the truth, and creativity is an expression of truth;
  • the surest path to the Divine — that ethereal, unnameable something that leaves us momentarily shrouded in awe — is through the sacred self?

If you’re whispering, “Yes!” right now, you’ll love the creative journey of Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self. 

With an emphasis on process not product, this retreat has been crafted for writers of all experience levels and adapted to provide an incredible retreat experience you can enjoy from the comfort and safety of home.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Registrants clear their home schedules as best as they can for the core retreat long weekend, Thursday evening to Sunday morning, Oct. 1-4, and consult by email with their teacher.
  • The week leading up to the core long weekend, beginning Sunday, Sept. 27, will feature an assignment and writing prompt. The pre-retreat week is designed to provide registrants with some initial inspiration to tap their flow and connect them with their retreat colleagues.
  • Registrants spend the core long weekend writing and participating in a mix of group and one-on-one Zoom or Skype meetings with their colleagues and teacher. These community-building sessions will include feedback exchanges, assignment discussion, craft talks, and more.
  • The week following the core long weekend, ending Sunday, Oct. 11, will feature an intensive feedback session for each registrant from their teacher, plus planning for next steps in terms of revision, further development, or new projects. The post-retreat week is designed to provide registrants with one-on-one access to a supportive, professional writer who knows and values their work and can answer any and all questions, from craft to industry and more.

If the Divine is a flash of white light expressing all possible colors, then Writing To Reclaim Your Sacred Self is your prism — a chance to understand your own truth and express your special wavelength in the sacred spectrum. Come discover your prism with Tawni Waters for a creative writing experience that will sustain your practice long after the retreat ends.

Begins Sunday, Sept. 27, and ends Sunday, Oct. 11, with a core long weekend of scheduled Zoom meetings (group and one-on-one with your teacher) Oct. 1-4

Want to know more about course policies and procedures before you register? Read our FAQ