Blogging Your Voice, Crafting Your Niche

For writers of all levels, starting a blog is a wonderful way to build community, grow your audience, hone your voice, and hold yourself accountable to a regular writing practice.


You know the whys and hows of starting a blog. Now you need to generate some quality content. On a blog, you can write about anything you want as long as you have a strong “voice.” You can blog on one topic or many, but a strong voice allows you to wander with your creativity while staying in “niche.”

What is a writing voice? What is a writing niche? Explore these concepts and more with a prolific writer and blogger whose strong web presence and seasoned understanding of the realm of online writing will set you on a path to blogging greatness.

In Blogging Your Voice, Crafting Your Niche, you will:

  • Discover and/or refine your unique writing voice
  • Use your voice to establish an online writing platform that starts a new conversation with your chosen topic, or adds value to an existing conversation
  • Create a niche around your personal brand of voice + style + topic(s)
  • Learn how to start cultivating an audience of engaged and dedicated readers
  • Establish a regular writing routine according to YOUR schedule

*NOTE: This is a writing course, not a web design course!* This course is about generating unique blog content and does not require any technical or web experience whatsoever. However, writers seeking help with the technical aspect of launching a blog are welcome to register, at the end of this six-week course, for a generative writing session to include tutorials on starting a blog through Word Press, plus the continued guidance of your teacher through the startup process.

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