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Maybe the fighting nature of the beta fish leads you to a metaphor about current events or a personal conflict, past or present. Maybe you interpret "fight" in a positive way; when is "being a fighter" a positive trait? Or maybe it conjures the memory of a pet, or a childhood trip to a pet store with walls full of fish in lidded plastic dishes, waiting to be chosen. What do you think of when you look at this image? Write about it.
Put yourself on a route that runs away from negative self-talk and toward mindful occupation of literal and figurative space in the world. Final destination? A productive, fulfilling writing life. Here’s how to get there:
Struggling with endings? You could wait for inspiration to strike. Or, you could explore four strategies within your control and arrive at a fitting conclusion every time.
Life is a relay race One passes the necessary tasks to the Next One... And we open our hands to receive them, those necessary tasks. We open our hands to touch the world—however we can.

Everyone has a shadow. Maybe this photo makes you think of your first awareness of your shadow as a child, how you hopped around trying to escape it, or pondered how it stretched and shrank but still followed you everywhere. Maybe this photo makes you consider your shadow self, in psychological or even spiritual terms--the part you might perceive as inferior, the part we deny, refuse, or project onto others. We all have one. Come out of the shadow.

What do you think about when you look at this image? Write about it.

There's a reason why famous writers tell aspiring writers to read. Here are four reasons why reading regularly and widely will strengthen your writing practice, and tips for how to make space for reading.
Writers don't have more time than non-writers--they make more space for writing in their lives. Here's some guidance to help you uncover what's really keeping you from the page.
Expressive writing is a great tool for easing stories out. Here is some guidance, in three steps, for how to make this kind of writing your lifeboat in rough waters.
It is six or so weeks ago that I entered clicking and sliding into the maze of Facebook. I have managed to set up that third profile. When it asked for my face, I was blank. My page sat that way, blank of face, until about a week ago when I clicked willy-nilly on something punctuated with many of my faces, my column of the Good God knows what—is it my story? Is it my private news feed? Is it my timeline? I’ve yet to understand...
Tell us about your home, your nest, your home base, real or ideal, imagined or remembered. Since we're all spending so much time at home these days, let's muse on what makes a home, or how we know we've arrived there, and why there's no place like it. And who is there with you? Maybe your home isn't a place, but a partner...