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What single food or drink could tell the story of your life?
It lives inside me, no one but myself to corroborate what I saw. Until now, when at last I have committed that moment to the page...
Think outside the box to ask for or give a writing-related gift that puts a checkmark beside what we want most: More time and energy to write.
December’s prompt is all about developing a secondary character to interact with and challenge your main character.
Making time to write during hectic or stressful times can help you take stock of where you are, plan a project that excites you, and stay connected to things that matter most.
Write about a gift, literal or figurative, large or small, past or future.
Someone’s singing in the basement. Annie hears it through the floor and feels it in her feet when she puts them on the floor to pull on her slippers...
November’s tarot reading and writing prompt will help you craft a hero’s journey for a story.
Where I go on the web to read nonfiction that expands my understanding of what essays are and what they can do.
Think of a time when the universe or your creator gave you a sign and led you out of your indecision and into clarity and action.