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There are so many ways to write fiction! Here, we share a handful of the most popular ones, plus an exercise to start or jump-start your practice.
Have you ever made a splash with something you've said or done? What happened, and how did it make you feel? What was the ripple effect?
Poetry persists because we reach for it to understand our shared humanity. Here are five books to reach for during National Poetry Month.
Teneice Durrant is back this month with a full moon tarot reading, ritual for releasing creative blocks, and writing exercise. Writers, bring your extremes into balance.
A memoir isn’t about recording everything that’s ever happened to us. It’s about building a narrative around a soul theme.
Can you think of a time when you needed to come out of your shell? What do you think about when you look at this picture? Write about it.
When I was fourteen and life had taken its hormonal turn, pushing me out of the childhood home that I thought was permanent, I bought a monkey...
Teneice Durrant, creator of Tenth Fox Tarot, is back for this month's full moon with a tarot reading, ritual for releasing creative blocks, and writing exercise. Writers, rediscover your safety.
Imagery is one of the most important literary devices or tools in the writer’s tool box. Here are some great examples, plus a writing exercise designed to get you painting with words.
Conflict is inescapable; we will all face it at some point in our lives. Tell us about a conflict and how you found your way to resolution or peace.