We would like to congratulate the following people, who have studied at the Center:

Robert Trabold’s first poetry collection, Watching the River Flow By, is now available at Amazon and other booksellers. “Bob Trabold’s poetry is reflective of the rich life he lives.  His work powerfully yet gently centers on the spiritual core and peaceful aspects of human existence.  His poems are thought-provoking, insightful and most of all inspiring.” Tone Bellizzi, Director, Davault Artists’ Café

Paula Cohen. Ms. Cohen’s first novel, Gramercy Park (St. Martin’s Press, 2002), was both a Book-of-the-Month Club and Literary Guild selection for 2002. Ms. Cohen’s second novel, That’s for Remembrance, will also be forthcoming from St. Martin’s Press.

Barbara Little Horse. Ms. Little Horse’s story, “For Love of a Lady,” appeared in the Spring, 1995 issue of Lynx Eye. “The Landing” appeared in the Summer, 1997 issue of Anterior Fiction Quarterly. Ms. Little Horse’s poetry has appeared in Rubin’s Quarterly (Fall, 1994, “Rain in Manhattan”, winner of the Editor’s Award, and “Woodstock Memories);” Anterior Poetry Monthly (April, 1995, “Infant’s Song,” Third Prize winner; June, 1996, “Lost”).

Cindy Jacobs. Ms. Jacobs’ story, “June, July, and August” was published in the August 2007 issue of the online journal anderbo. “A Moment” was published in the Spring, 2007 issue of Sou’wester, a journal of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Natasha Sarkissian. Ms. Sarkissian has received a merit scholarship and will begin studying for her MFA in Creative Writing in 2008.

Anthony J. Mohr. Mr. Mohr’s work has been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes. His published nonfiction includes: “My Father Died Fifty Times,” ZYZZYVA (Winter, 2010); “My Father, in the Dark,” Eclectica, Oct/Nov 2011, “26.9,” Diverse Voices Quarterly, March – May 2012, and “The Doberman Dates,” Chicken Soup for the Soul – True Love. Mr. Mohr’s published fiction includes: “Herman Loves Brooke,” Word Riot, May, 2008, and “Affirmed,” Skyline Literary Magazine, December – February, 2006-7, reprinted in Workers Write! – Tales from the Courtroom, and nominated for a 2007 Pushcart Prize.

Sherri Rosen. Ms. Rosen has published four creative nonfiction pieces in the online journal, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood: April, 2007, “Joyless Dancer;” December 1, 2006, “Rage & Thanksgiving;” April 6, 2006, “Me and Bobby Blow;” March 2, 2006, “He Lived in the Streets.” In June, 2007, Ms. Rosen gave a reading at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Kathy Ferrell Powell for publication of her historical novel, The Reluctant Survivor, now available from

Phyllis Jo Arnold for publication of her novel, Praying Dove .  This story about a medicine woman struggling to keer her tribe’s traditions intact in a changing world is available from Phyllis’ website,, and other online retailers.

Kate Appel for publication of her book Two Rivers:  Awakening to Your Inner Aliveness Through Painting. Through her extraordinary paintings and essays reflecting on them, Kate shares with you the wisdom of the Delaware River and the river of aliveness that flows through you.  Available through and other online retailers.

Ann Sullivan McDougal for publication of her novel In Praise of Unsuitable Lovers. Set against the backdrop of the halcyon sixties and seventies, this book descdribes marriage to a Seminole C&W singer,  the first Woodstock Festival, a march on Washington, an OSD experience, sex on an oil tanker with a Welsh ship’s officer and other humorous encounters with — well, unsuitable lovers!

Carol Smilgin for publication of her novel Provenance. This is an international romantic thriller involving Nazi-confiscated art and a beautiful widow’s search for crucial evidence that will avenge her husband’s murder.

Marge Hermans Osborn for publication of Four Walls against the Wind: Finding Our Alaska Dream. The book follows the author through building her dream cabin on a remote island and learning about the wildlife and ecology of Southeast Alaska’s rain forest. It’s available through and