The Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing

For 27 years, The Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing has provided inspiring instruction and supportive community for aspiring writers.

Writing Now

The Center is both training ground and launching pad, as many published writers who got started here can affirm. We offer online writing classes and writing retreats that help you become the writer you dream you can be.

Creative spirits flourish here.

Individuals undergo personal metamorphosis as they write.  Their work then helps others change. Because writers play such a critical role in our culture as it struggles to evolve, we have created a refuge where creativity takes pride of place and aspiring writers are encouraged to grow to their full potential.

You belong here

If you sense something extraordinary within yourself and need to get it onto the page….

If you’re tired of conventional writing workshops, with their criticisms and ego trips….

If you want a seasoned guide and affirming companions on your creative journey.

Elizabeth Ayres about the Center for Creative Writing