Aug 15 2018
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3 tips to re-focus your writing energy

We all get lost on the page or screen sometimes. Shawna Ayoub Ainslie reminds us, with three tips, to slow down and hit the reset button to protect our writing space(s) and energy from negative thought patterns that might sabotage us.

When you find yourself repeatedly deleting typed passages or wading through balled up pieces of notebook paper previously discarded in your trash bin, you may be unknowingly stuck in a negative pattern. Much like going in circles in the woods, you find yourself back at square one over and over until your impulse is to give up the journey entirely.

It is tempting see your cause as lost when you are anything but. Instead of quitting your story, try these simple steps for pressing reset on your energy button and recovering your sense of focus:


Stop writing at your desk or table or chair or spot on the floor. Find a new location. It can be inside or outside your regular writing space. Changing your view of the room can change the trajectory of your writing. Think you can’t write at a coffee shop or in the park? Bring headphones, even if you don’t play any music. Or simply move to another room of the house for a bit and see what happens.


If you keep circling back to the same spot, it could be you are missing a clue on the map. Changing the setup of your space will reveal hidden ideas and possibly some well-loved items you thought were gone forever, stimulating your creative flow. What if your desk faced a different window? What if it was a standing desk? What if all you really need is a body pillow and your laptop on the floor? Move things around in search of a “new normal” for comfort while writing.


Rituals such as smudging or cleaning and affirming your space are helpful in shifting your emotional perspective on that space. Even opening a window to allow the circulation of new air is meaningful. Consciously choosing to move past old ideas is a powerful act, and one that can declutter your mind the same way a good purge can declutter your physical space. Engage regularly in the active release of negative energy and you just might find that blocks and loss of focus become less frequent.

Humans are creatures of habit. These simple actions support you in breaking out of a negative pattern which may be born of repetition and might be seriously stoppering your creative energy.

Will you try any of these tips for re-focusing your writing energy? Share with us in the comments!

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