Sep 03 2017

Letter from the director, September 2017

In a few short weeks, summer will be over and fall–and the first fall session of Center courses–will arrive. As usual here in the northeastern U.S., it feels too soon, like we can’t possibly have already moved through the warm months even though we can feel with visceral clarity the morning chill in the air.

At this time of changing seasons, I am reminded that there are seasons in our creative lives as well. Sometimes we are writing writing writing, either toward a deadline or because we can’t rest until we’ve told a particular story in its authentic entirety. Other times, we are planning, thinking, observing, making notes, or just trying to channel inspiration and motivation. Maybe the story is at last told and it’s time to polish and shine. Can you believe you’ve arrived at this point?

Wherever you are in the seasons of your writing life, we at the Center are here to support you, if you have need.

Wherever you are in the seasons of your writing life, I hope it is fruitful.


Stacia M. Fleegal

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