Invitation to Wonder:  A Journey through the Seasons by Elizabeth Ayres

It’s 4 books in 1!

For Writers
It's a unique writing book because Ayres' superb show it, don't tell it prose is a model for excellence in craft. Read more...

To become a writer, watch a master wordsmith at work.  Invitation to Wonder will inspire you to turn a keen eye on your world, translating insight and observation into language that soars.  There’s no better way to learn how to write than to be carried away on wings of words.

“Exquisitely written reflections.”
—Annie Dillard, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

“Elizabeth Ayres is Claude Monet with words.”
—Paula Cohen, author of Literary Guild/Book of the Month Club selection Gramercy Park

“The imagery was amazing.”
—MDDC Press Association, ‘First Place’ Award

For Nature Lovers
It's more than just a book about nature, it's instant transport to that 'peaceable kingdom' you wish you could visit more often. Read more...

In hectic, anxious times, Nature’s beauty is balm to the soul.  Let Invitation to Wonder be the one book about Nature you keep by your beside to turn troubled days into tranquil nights.

“It’s armchair travel and the best antidote I know for too much city living.”
—Paula Cohen, author of Literary Guild/Book of the Month Club selection Gramercy Park

“Everybody hears the poetry of wind and water, and many aspire to translate it into human language. Elizabeth Ayres succeeds.”
—Sandra Olivetti Martin, publisher & editor, Bay Weekly

“One of the most poetic, beautiful love letters to the Chesapeake I have ever read.”
—Ada Strausburg, the Potomac Review

For Wisdom Seekers
It's a hands-on textbook for how to be spiritual in the everyday world. Read more...

What is spirituality if it isn’t grounded in daily experience? With Invitation to Wonder as a guide, you’ll experience a deeper intimacy with that ineffable divine mystery at the heart of all creation.

“Transforms ordinary perceptions into mystic beauty.”
Beatrice Bruteau, author of Radical Optimism

“Creates space for all that is beautiful and true.”
—Annie Dillard, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

“Delightful reflections that invite us to love the world.”
—Jonathan Montaldo, author of Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton

For Environmentalists
It’s eloquent testimony to the majesty of what you want to preserve. Read more...

What is the environment if it isn’t your intimate interaction with the place where you live?  In Invitation to Wonder, you’ll discover what biologist Stephen Jay Gould meant when he said, “We won’t fight to save what we don’t love.”

“Shows amazing breadth of thought.”
—Thomas Berry, author of The Great Work

“A fresh and personal way of seeing the world.”
—Dee McRae, former editor, Smithsonian magazine

“Beautiful in its reverence for all that is nature.”
—Richard Lewis, author of Shaking the Grass for Dew

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Invitation to Wonder: A Journey Through the Seasons

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